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THE SONG ROOM ACOUSTIC SESSIONS concert series began in 2008 under a previous name (The Candlelight Concert Series), when Stella One Studio, (then known as V J Productions), went in search of a local concert venue and happened to stumble upon a local treasure, the Barossa Regional Art Gallery,

Since the initial concert, reputation of this wonderfully ambient venue has reached many touring artists (both national and international).   The musicians enthusiasm to have an opportunity to perform in this wonderfully ambient venue in the company of an attentive, appreciative crowd, has seen music-lovers of the Barossa treated to many world-class performances amidst an intimate, candle-light setting. 


Adding to the pleasure of the evening is a stall featuring a small winemaker's wares, and home-made supper, tea, coffee & desserts to purchase, or attendants are welcome to bring a basket supper.

The Venue

This wonderful venue answers all the criteria desired from a well-travelled musician -  from it's superb natural acoustics, to the dramatic stage back drop in the form of the Hill & Son Grand Pipe Organ (1875).

Combining heritage and contemporary architecture, the Barossa Regional Art Gallery is part of the Tanunda Soldiers Memorial Hall complex and proudly houses the magnificently restored Hill and Son Grand Organ, which is a stunning example of musical heritage. 


Finding its new home in Tanunda after being removed from the Adelaide Town Hall in the late 1990's, the organ's substantial pipes which have been painstakingly restored to their former glory,  boast a striking background to the stage, where artist and audience alike enjoy the charm and appeal that this distinctive setting offers.

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