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Production & Recording

With over 20 professional-release albums and countless film and TV compositions to his credit Jamie Blechynden, producer & engineer at Stella One Studio, has had many years of experience to draw from to assist with your project.


Services include:

  • Recording of Music (digital & analog)

  • Music Production & Composition (film & TV)

  • Music Producer (bands & artists)



  • $50 per hour studio hire with engineer

  • Production services are quoted per project. Please contact to discuss.


Stella One Studio has designed their Mixing & Mastering Suite system to bring out the best in your sound. Whether you have recorded with us or from your own home studio, we have the gear and the knowledge to fine tune and “warm” your recordings and mixes in the classic analog style.


Want to hear your mix through a classic analog desk???

You can take charge yourself and work your mix with an assistant engineer or sit in while Jamie applies his years of experience to your work.



Option 1 -  Mix yourself including assistant engineer - $50 per hour

Option 2 - Have your song/project professionally mixed  - $100 per song

  • Sound Workshop (Vintage Large Format Analog Console)

  • 2 x Tascam M312 (Vintage Analog Mixers)

  • Yamaha MSP7 Studio Monitors

  • Yamaha SW10 Studio Sub

  • C50a mono cube monitor

  • DSR112 Powered Speakers


You have your song mixed and now it’s time for the final stage.


Mastering has long been considered the “Dark Art” when it comes to the recording process. In modern times the role of the mastering engineer has changed and is as much about audio delivery method and encoding as it is treating your audio for “Radio ready” standards. Stella One Studio has the expertise as well as the latest hardware & software for this final stage.


Service includes:


Rate - $50 per song with a  first song sample master free.

Tuition & Consultation

Technology in modern times has placed the art of audio recording in all of our hands.  Although, for those not familiar with the process & equipment this can sometimes mean a daunting learning curve for many people.


Stella One Studio has tuition session times available to help speed up this process and also offer advice on how to get the best out of your recording set-up.


Recording Software (DAW’s) includes – Pro Tools, Cubase, Cool Edit & Wavelab.


Thinking of setting up your own home studio? Why not consult us on how to best go about it. We’ve done it before!!!!!


Rates - $50 per hour sessions.

Audio Engineering Tuition & Consultation
Licencing & Publishing
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